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What technical communicators do

On a typical day, a technical communicator might write a proposal, create a page on a website, develop a user guide, or generate content for an app. Most technical communicators work in a technical field and work directly with technology, learning how it works and communicating that to an audience.

Where technical communicators work

Technical communicators often work in the tech sector (think Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Google), but you can find them in almost any industry, including engineering, software, telecom, manufacturing, and medical research.

UNT Tech Comm graduates get hired

UNT graduates with a BA or BS in Professional and Technical Communication regularly get hired by Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments (TI), National Instruments (NI), Sabre, and other large companies across Texas. To put it simply, a tech comm degree from UNT gets you hired--and launches your career.

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  • Go to the What is Tech Comm webpage to read about how technical communicators make technical topics understandable and technology usable.

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