Why Tech Comm? | Technical Communication

Why Tech Comm?

Technical communicators are in high demand because they make technical topics understandable and use technology to make information usable.

  • U.S. News & World Report recently ranked technical writer as #4 in Best Creative & Media Jobs
  • Employment of technical writers is expected to grow 6% between 2021 and 2031, which is 1% higher than the increase expected for all media and communication workers (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • The annual median salaries for technical writers have been increasing since 2012 as seen in the graph below (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • The lowest 10% of tech writers in the US were paid $48,890 per year or $23.51 per hour in 2021. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Texas employs more technical communicators than any other state except California (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and was 1st among the fastest growing states for tech writers in 2021.

A technical communication degree can prepare you for a position as:

  • a technical writer who specializes in writing proposals for potential business customers or instructions for software developers
  • a content developer who researches and creates information used in marketing high-tech products
  • a user experience professional who conducts user research on web-based applications

Want to learn more about career opportunities in tech comm?

Why Tech Comm at UNT?

The Department of Technical Communication at UNT prepares students with the skills they need to get jobs in modern workplaces. These skills include writing, designing, and coding.

We offer graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates. Courses are taught by an internationally recognized faculty whose research and experience are at the forefront of the field. Our students have leadership opportunities through teaching assistant positions, lab tutor positions in our TECM Lab, and involvement in our student organization (ETC). We also help students connect with tech comm professionals through client-sponsored course projects, internships, regular networking events, and our industry-led Advisory Board.


Please contact tcoffice@unt.edu for more information.