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Graduate Teaching Certificate in Technical Writing

Make your resume stand out from the crowd

Struggling to get an interview? We can help. Get our graduate certificate to teach technical writing. It's 100% online and can be done in as little as 7 months.

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Having trouble landing that interview?

You're not alone. In 2016-17, the Modern Language Association of America reported that the academic jobs advertised on their list, which includes both research- and teaching-focused openings in higher education, decreased for the 5th year in a row. The 2016-17 totals were 53.4% below the 2007-08 pre-recession peak in number of jobs.

However, there's good news!

Even though jobs in teaching language and literature continue to shrink, the number of college teaching jobs in technical writing continues to increase. In 2018-19, out of 220 teaching jobs listed by the Modern Language Association, 32 were speciifcally for technical or professional writing specialists, and most of the rest included a desire to locate composition instructors with experience in technical or professional writing.

Getting our certificate in Teaching Technical Writing can help you stand out from the crowd applying to these highly competitive jobs.

The goal of the certificate is to enhance credentials for teachers whose graduate studies are in another content area, especially composition/rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies. Our certificate both enhances the job prospects for graduate students and improves the overall performance of the technical communication field.

Benefits and advantages of our certificate

  • The certificate can be completed quickly - in as little as 7 months!
  • Our course rotation allows you to take classes in any fall, spring or summer term.
  • All courses are taught by world-class faculty with formal education and workplace experience in technical communication.
  • The program has no minimum GPA or GRE prerequisites.
  • The courses taken to get the certificate can be applied toward our MA in Technical Communication if you decide to continue your studies later.

Worried that your busy lifestyle will get in the way of making your career goals a reality?

Our online program is the solution.

  • Convenient. Earn your certificate online.
  • Affordable. A 3-credit-hour course costs approximately $1,600 for Texas residents and $2,300 for students outside of Texas.
  • Flexible. Log in any time and from any place. Online courses allow you to set your own schedule.
  • Adaptable. Working full time? Online courses allow you to take courses while working a full-time job.
  • Respected. Our program is offered through a standalone department with world-class faculty dedicated solely to technical communication.

You only need to take 4 courses. And they're all online.

The certificate requires 4 online courses:

  • TECM 5200: Digital Content Strategies for Communication Professionals
    (view PDF syllabus)

​Each course is 8 weeks long. These online courses are offered on a rotating basis through fall, summer, and spring terms. In other words, two 8-week courses are offered each term on a rotating schedule. You can complete the certificate in as little as 7 months if you take courses over the summer.

How much it costs

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