Online Graduate Certificate | Technical Communication

Online Graduate Certificate

What graduate certificates are offered?

We offer a Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing (12 hours). We offer two different paths for the certificate.

College teachers whose graduate studies are in another content area (such as composition/rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies) and who want more credentials in teaching technical writing should take these four courses:

Students interested in learning more about technical communication and possibly pursuing a career in the tech comm field should choose four of the following courses, depending upon their career goals:

We realize that incoming students may have different goals for this program, and the director of graduate studies will work with you to structure a four-course series that makes sense for you.

Why should I get a technical writing certificate at UNT?

At UNT, we've structured our certificate program around student needs. Have a full-time job? Taking care of children or elderly family? Live eight time zones away? Whatever your situation, UNT's technical writing certificate can work for you.

Our program offers

  • Online asynchronous classes, which means you can decide when you will complete your work each week
  • 8-week sessions, which allow you to focus on one content area at a time
  • Award winning faculty who are renown scholars in the field of technical communication
  • A reasonable completion timeframe. Most students complete the certificate in fewer than 9 months, though some can complete it in as little as 4 months.

What are the admission requirements?

The Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing is open to any student with an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. We have rolling admissions, so you can apply now and be in classes in as little as 8 weeks.

To apply for the certificate program,

  • Go to and apply to the Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Submit your transcripts to the Toulouse Graduate School.
  • You do not need to take the GRE or submit any other materials.

Detailed information on the online certificate can be found at For complete admission information and course descriptions, visit the UNT Graduate Catalog. Apply for the graduate certificate through the Toulouse Graduate School.

Not all courses are offered every semester. Talk with the graduate advisor about upcoming courses.

How much will this program cost?

UNT has been named one of America's Best College Buys® for 22 consecutive years. You can use a calculator to estimate your tuition and fees to get more information about the cost of the online certificate program.

Who do I talk to?

Graduate advising is by appointment only. Please email to schedule an appointment with Dr. Erin Friess, Director of Graduate Studies.

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