MA Degree | Technical Communication

MA Degree

What degrees are offered?

Our Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Communication program prepares students for positions as technical writers/editors, content developers, or usability professionals, most commonly working on teams to create user guides, web content, and proposals in companies within the information technology, consulting, and healthcare industries. This program in professional and technical communication provides a rigorous curriculum that increases your ability to write, think, and communicate strategically.

We seek applicants with strong motivation, time management skills, self-discipline, and a high energy level. Become part of our tradition and apply to our program today.

What are the admission requirements and what classes do I take?

For the complete list of course and admission requirements click here

Who do I talk to?

Graduate advising is by appointment only. Please call the office at (940) 565-4458 to schedule an appointment with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Jordan Frith
Auditorium 317D

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