Adam Fout Shows Students the Ropes at Workshopping with the Pros | Technical Communication
December 3, 2018

Adam Fout Shows Students the Ropes at Workshopping with the Pros

On Thursday, November 15th, the Eagle Technical Communicators hosted their first Workshopping with the Pros Event. The purpose of this event was to let Adam Fout, a UNT Tech Comm alumnus and content writer for Blue Steele Solutions, introduce students to Asana, a project management software used by his company.

What is Asana?

Asana is a software platform designed to help users complete and track incremental steps in a large-scale project. According to Fout, Blue Steele Solutions often uses Asana when setting due dates within their projects to record the work completed for clients.

He shared his experience working with Asana and how the software integrates into his daily work. When assigned a task, Fout immediately creates a new project in Asana.

"I would just forget about a project if I didn't put it into Asana," he said.

Using Software for Daily Project Management

Fout showed students the many benefits of using Asana for project management. He pointed out features like creating boards and subtasks to organize projects.

According to Fout, "Theory can only go so far. Until you actually start messing with [the software], you can't know how it works in practice."

Fout closed the workshop after crediting Dr. Chris Lam's TECM 3200 course for teaching him the software skills that helped qualify him for his job at Blue Steele.

He pointed out that learning fundamental tech comm skills can help you learn to use any new software quickly.

"All the software we use today will eventually be morphed into something else. It's important to be able to transfer knowledge from one software to another," Fout said.