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Covid-19 —UNT is offering a mix of in-person, partially in-person, and online/remote course deliveries for Fall 2020. Stay up to date on UNT's response, including return to campus plans.

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June 4, 2020

News Announcement about Fall Courses

Dear TECM students,

I empathize with your situation as you think about how fall classes will work. The most important thing I can say is that many, many people across the UNT campus are hard at work trying to figure out how to provide you with the best educational experience and keep everyone safe.

I want to say clearly that I do not have the information you want. But here is what the Department of Technical Communication has proposed.

  1. All sections of TECM 2700, 4180 and 4190, and most graduate courses will be fully online.
  2. Other TECM courses for undergraduate majors and 5185 and 5740 for graduate students will be partly online but have limited meetings (during the originally scheduled times) with the instructor on campus.

You should not assume that what you see on the Registrar's site is accurate at this point in time.

The central UNT administration must do many tasks before they can approve our plans for TECM courses:

  • receive guidance from health officials about safety
  • determine which courses must meet on campus
  • identify safe classrooms and calculate their capacities with 6-foot distancing
  • formulate a schedule with different classrooms or meeting times
  • and so on

Unfortunately, we have no deadline for those decisions, so I also can't offer you a date by which I can tell you whether your course will have any on campus meeting times. I can only promise we're all doing our best.

Take care of yourselves,