UNT Tech Comm at Big Design 2018 | Technical Communication
October 15, 2018

UNT Tech Comm at Big Design 2018

There is no doubt that the tech industries in Dallas are booming and so are tech writing opportunities. UNT's Department of Technical Communication recently sponsored a student and faculty trip to the Big Design (an annual user-experience [UX] conference) in Dallas to learn more.

On September 20, UNT's Department of Technical Communication sent five students and two faculty members to the Big Design to learn about UX design from working professionals.The three-day event hosted more than 80 speakers, and highlighted the growing UX industry.

UNT lecturer Laurel Beason (a faculty chaperone) said she was surprised at how excited several industry representatives were to speak with students. She received contact information from several of them with requests to get in touch about internship opportunities.

Beason was excited that students had opportunities to see real-world companies and learn about the problems they solve. She was also thrilled to be a "student" again and to learn from industry leaders.

"That kind of thing broadens your perspective," Beason said. "You get to see why you do what you do.

Ellen Biggerstaff, tech comm student and ambassador for the Tech Comm Department, was similarly impressed. She attended panels and workshops, chatted with UX veterans from companies like AT&T and ExxonMobil, and integrated new ideas into her own research.

Biggerstaff's favorite part of the event was the panel by Margot Daniel, Director of Digital Experience and Engagement for TTI Inc. Daniel told the audience about techniques to show your organization the importance of technical communication.

"Hearing a speech like that was really inspiring," Biggerstaff said.

Interested in learning more about the UX and tech comm? Check out Dr. Erin Friess' TECM 4300 class (offered Spring 2019).