Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing | Technical Communication

Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing

Two options available to obtain a Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing.

We offer two different paths towards a Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing (12 hours).

College teachers whose graduate studies are in another content area (such as composition/rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies) and who want more credentials in teaching technical writing should take these four courses:

Students interested in learning more about technical communication and possibly pursuing a career in the tech comm field should choose four of the following courses, depending upon their career goals:

We realize that incoming students may have different goals for this program, and the director of graduate studies will work with you to structure a four-course series that makes sense for you.

Why should I get a technical writing certificate at UNT?

At UNT, we've structured our certificate program around student needs. Have a full-time job? Taking care of children or elderly family? Live eight time zones away? Whatever your situation, UNT's technical writing certificate can work for you.

Our program offers

  • Online asynchronous classes, which means you can decide when you will complete your work each week
  • 8-week sessions, which allow you to focus on one content area at a time
  • Award winning faculty who are renown scholars in the field of technical communication
  • A reasonable completion timeframe. Most students complete the certificate in fewer than 9 months, though some can complete it in as little as 4 months.

Who do I talk to?

Graduate advising is by appointment only. Please email to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris Lam, Director of Graduate Studies.