Pro Speaker Series: ETC hosts a meeting with UNT alum Brian Cave | Technical Communication
May 12, 2023

Pro Speaker Series: ETC hosts a meeting with UNT alum Brian Cave

By Michelle Nguyen

Brian Cave speaking about his experience as a UX researcherThe Eagle Technical Communicators student organization (ETC) welcomed Brian Cave, manager of UX research at Verizon and UNT alum, as the speaker at a recent ETC event. In his presentation, Brian discussed how he found his way into the field of UX research, and he shared insight into a case study from early in his UX research journey.

Brian started out at UNT as a sociology major where he enjoyed learning how aspects of sociology and design were related to the field of UX. Because user experience work is so varied, employers need people with diverse skillsets who come from all kinds of educational backgrounds. Additionally, the role of a UX professional can vary depending on the size of the company and the specific needs of the employer. Some professionals may focus primarily on design while others may need technical skills like coding.

During his talk, Brian highlighted the importance of UX by sharing a case study from his time at an organization in the auto finance industry. At first, the organization did not recognize the significance of UX, but Brian's research skills helped him gather data and demonstrate to executives why UX is so important. Over the course of a month, Brian spoke with customer service agents at the company to understand their goals and frustrations. He then analyzed the data he collected and presented his findings to the executive team, recommending solutions for better customer experiences.

Brian emphasized the fact that UX is not just about design or research but also relationship building.

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