Tech Lab Offers Software Resources for Anyone Taking TECM Classes | Technical Communication
February 23, 2022

Tech Lab Offers Software Resources for Anyone Taking TECM Classes

By Kathleen Sanchez

Technical communication classes introduce students to a variety of tools that they will use as professionals in the industry. The TECM Tech Lab in AUDB room 307 provides resources and support for students as they learn how to use these tools to design documents, edit videos, format reports, and more.

Tech Lab assistants can help students learn how to use software including

Lab assistants also provide in-class software orientations and guide students through the basics of using the programs. For example, students taking TECM 1500 or TECM 2700 can expect to see orientations for formatting their documents in Microsoft Word.

The Tech Lab also provides a software video series on its website. "The purpose of the tutorial videos is for students who are not in class," said Tech Lab supervisor Brad Davis. He keeps the site updated so "we are ready to go remote at any time." Students who miss an orientation or need a review of the software can visit the website or ask a lab assistant for help.

In addition, the Tech Lab has equipment that students can reserve through the online equipment checkout form. Students can use laptops for class and reserve tables in the hallway for collaborative group work. They can use video cameras and reserve rooms with equipment such as green screens and light kits to create high-quality videos for class projects.

Even though most classes require students to submit their assignments digitally, the Tech Lab has printers for times when students need hard copies of tech comm-related documents. Students can also use the Tech Lab's binding machine to make their printed documents look professional.

Mr. Davis recommends that students come into the lab with any questions about using the software or equipment. "Use the website, talk to me, talk to the lab assistants," he said. "We're here to help."

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