Val Swisher | Technical Communication

Val Swisher

Advisory Board Member, CEO, Content Rules

Content Rules founder Val Swisher leads our team of content experts and has predicted a number of important content trends. She runs the content strategy, global content strategy, and content optimization service lines for the company. Val has more than two decades of experience and is a well-known expert on content strategy, global readiness, intelligent content, and terminology management. She speaks frequently at industry conferences and is a sought-after guest on webinars and podcasts. In her view, content should be easy to read, cost-effective to translate, and efficient to manage.

Val is the author of four books: "The Personalization Paradox" (XMLPress); "Global Content Strategy: A Primer" (XML Press); "Mastering Network Management" (Numidia Press); and "The Comprehensive Guide to Computer Telephony Integration" (CT Institute).

When not blogging, Val can be found at her sewing machine, working on her latest quilt. She also makes a hummus that's as piquant as her sense of humor.