Bachelor's Degree | Technical Communication

Bachelor's Degree

What degrees are offered?

We currently offer a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Technical Communication. Our BA program prepares students for entry-level positions as technical writers/editors, content developers, or usability professionals, most commonly working on teams to create user guides, web content, and proposals in companies within the information technology, consulting, and healthcare industries. (We are also in the process of offering a Bachelor of Science degree.)

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What classes do I take?

For the complete list of degree requirements visit the Undergraduate Catalog. (Note: there are exciting changes coming for 2018-19.)

Not all courses are offered every semester. You can view the planned course offerings here.

Who do I talk to?

**We strongly encourage our students to meet with an advisor before enrolling each semester. Class schedules are subject to change per semester**

Please call the office at (940) 565-4458 to schedule an appointment to meet with the undergraduate advisor.

Mr. Lee Dollar, Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Erin Friess, Director of Undergraduate Studies

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