Bachelor's + Master's Degrees | Technical Communication

Bachelor's + Master's Degrees

What degrees are offered?

We offer a five-year, combined BA or BS + MA in Professional and Technical Communication for highly motivated students. At UNT, these programs are called Grad Track Pathways.

How much will this program cost?

UNT has been named one of America's Best College Buys® for 23 consecutive years. You can use a calculator to estimate your tuition and fees. The Grad Track Pathway helps students save money and prepares them for the rigors of graduate education while still enrolled as an undergraduate.

What are the admission requirements and what classes do I take?

To be eligible to apply to the Grad Track program, undergraduate students must

  • Have maintained a cumulative 3.5 GPA , including transfer credit
  • Have completed 60 undergraduate hours, including TECM 2700 and 3010 (with As)
  • Be a declared technical communication major
  • Meet with the department's Assistant Chair (or Director of Graduate Studies) and the Undergraduate Advisor for short interviews.

Admission to the Grad Track Pathway is highly selective. To apply, the student will submit

  • A resume
  • A response to a writing prompt
  • Nomination forms from two technical communication faculty

Submission of GRE scores is not required. Grad Track students are admitted to the program after completing 75 hours.

After admission, Grad Track students register for four graduate courses (12 credits) as replacements for required undergraduate courses. (Students must not have received credit for any of these undergraduate courses.)

The following courses are in the process for approval and will be options for joint credit in the future:

  • TECM 5170: Grants and Proposals (replaces TECM 4100)
  • TECM 5185: Principles of Technical Communication (replaces TECM 4180)
  • TECM 5191: Digital Literacies (replaces TECM 3200)
  • TECM 5750: Measuring Usability and UX (replaces TECM 4300)
  • TECM 5xxx (replaces one TECM 4xxx undergraduate elective)

Students who complete the 12 graduate credits are automatically admitted to the MA program.

Grad Track students must take the 12 graduate credits (the four courses listed above) in their undergraduate senior year. To count as dual credit, students must complete all four graduate courses within 12 calendar months. Students are not permitted to take additional graduate courses until they fully complete the requirements for the BA or BS degree.

Who do I talk to?

Advising is by appointment only. Please email or call the office at (940) 565-4458 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris Lam, Director of Graduate Studies