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Graduate Certificate

What graduate certificates are offered?

We offer a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Technical Writing. The goal of the graduate certificate in teaching technical writing is to prepare future academics who specialize in another content area, such as composition/rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies. Our certificate both enhances the job prospects for graduate students and improves the overall performance of the technical communication field

The number of college teaching jobs in technical writing continues to increase while those in teaching language and literature continue to shrink. In 2015-2016, the Modern Language Association of America reported that the academic jobs advertised on their list, which includes both research- and teaching-focused openings in higher education, decreased for the fourth year in a row. These declines bring the number of advertised jobs to another new low, including the 37% drop in 2009-2010, the steepest decline in the job list's 30+-year history.

What are the admission requirements and what classes do I take?

Beginning Spring 2018, The Department of Technical Communication will move the existing graduate certificate in teaching technical writing to a 100% online platform.

Teaching Technical Writing graduate certificate, which requires 4 three-hour courses. Although the current certificate allows students to choose from a variety of courses, we intend to focus on just four of them going forward:

  • TECM 5195: Editing Technical Documents
  • TECM 5200: Digital Content Strategies for Communication Professionals
  • TECM 5280: Designing Technical Documents
  • TECM 5550: Studies in the Teaching of Technical Communication

We believe that our instructional model and course scheduling will incentivize students to join our online program. We will offer two courses every term for 8-week periods. We will rotate the four courses over the fall, spring, and summer sessions, with admissions to the certificate program during all terms. Course schedule described below :

For all other admission information and course descriptions please click here!

Who do I talk to?

Graduate advising is by appointment only. Please call the office at (940) 565-4458 to schedule an appointment with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Jordan Frith
Auditorium 317D

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