Tech Comm Abroad: Spotlight on Aaron Baker | Technical Communication
October 22, 2018

Tech Comm Abroad: Spotlight on Aaron Baker

Last summer, UNT tech comm major Aaron Baker completed a 6-week International Summer Internship Program with NetDragon Websoft in Fuzhou, China. He learned about the program from Dr. Erin Friess. Aaron Baker working with his developmental team.

NetDragon Websoft is a Chinese company that develops and operates massively multiplayer online games and mobile applications. It was the first Chinese game maker to successfully expand into overseas markets. The company also develops products for the education industry and VR/augmented-reality industries.

The program was created as an "international talent exchange" to exchange ideas, share different cultures, and provide students with experience working in a professional environment. The internship was paid and complete with housing, meals, and round-trip airfare. NetDragon provided students the following types of summer internships: Industrial Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, and Game Designer.

Aaron Baker presenting his work to NetDragon board members.Aaron is a 23-year-old senior at UNT. He began his academic career as a Sociology major but switched to tech comm because it combined his interests in research, design, and technology.

Aaron Baker presenting his work to NetDragon board members

The internship with NetDragon helped him gain real-world experience in the field of app development. Aaron worked on a team with three interns to improve a website for elementary teachers designed to track student involvement and behavior. Aaron worked with his team on research and design of the site but also

designed the entire menu bar for the website himself. His favorite aspects of the project were the feedback on his work and the satisfaction of completing the final product.

Aaron learned essential communication and teamwork skills while working on a diverse team. He also improved his design skills using Adobe Illustrator and learned proficiency in new tools like After Affects. Aaron expressed that this experience has improved his confidence, tech comm work, and his professional marketability.

Aaron Baker sightseeing at the Shanghai Tower.Aaron said his internship experience "makes the world feel smaller, but also bigger because I can see all the opportunities now." Aaron plans to go into UX design upon graduation and hopes to find employment related to app development and research.